Now made of 100% Plastic!


Animania is  another great tool for the mentalist!


It appears to be an authentic “Telepathy Testing Card” from the National Institute of Parapsychology.


Perfect for anytime, walk around and close up mentalism! This is a complete routine that fits neatly in your wallet! Be ready to perform a complete routine with just one card!


The card is about the same width as a credit card, but a little taller, so it fits perfectly in a standard credit card slot in any wallet.




The performer displays a telepathy testing card from the National Institute of Parapsychology. It is explained that this card is from the “chromatology” (study of colors) testing set, and this particular card pertains to animals.


The spectator is instructed to think on any one of the 16 animals on the card (completely free choice), and to visualize the animal appearing in 4 different colors. No words are spoken by the spectator, and no questions are asked.


The performer immediately begins to reveal information about the animal:

The spectator is asked to think of different characteristics about the animal, such as its size, color, number of legs it has, habitat, etc. (again, nothing is spoken by the spectator, and no questions are asked).


“Imagine that you’re touching this animal, imagine how it feels. I get the sense that this is an animal with fur, unlike a snake or a fish. Yes, brown fur. Also, this animal has only two legs. Think about something this animal would eat… that’s a banana!  You’re thinking of a monkey!”


Of course, the performer is always correct.


The following is true about Animania


· 100% Plastic card is extremely durable!

· No Force

· Different animal every time

· Nothing is ever written down

· No questions are asked

· No progressive anagrams

· No fishing

· No “instant stooges” or “dual reality”

· Compact! The above ‘test’ is on one card that fits neatly in your wallet!

· The card appears to spectators to be an authentic testing tool

· The card is un-gimmicked and is handled by the spectator freely

· Card is durable and will last a long time!


Includes one double sided card and PDF instruction manual.

(you will receive a download link for the PDF after checkout)





"This latest card (Animania) in your series is wonderful. Great method and a lovely card for the wallet.” — Ben Harris

“It's a great treat to welcome such a creative mind into the fold and I look forward to many more clever creations from a very clever thinker.”  — Gerry Hennesey

“a flexible assortment of quick, strong demonstrations that can be done individually or together”

Joshua Quinn

“The wallet cards are excellent and I highly recommend them” — Bob Cassidy

“Very usable stuff and highly recommended…” — Christopher Taylor


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“I like these cards in my wallet!” —  Andrew Gerard

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