Carnage is a collection of close up mentalism effects from Paul Carnazzo.

Included in this perfect bound, 91 page paperback book are 10 items,

many of which are completely impromptu:

Salt – a spectator is able to intuit which coin the mentalist is holding, and it’s orientation.

Memory Blank – not really an effect, but  a fun presentational ploy.

Magic Tree House – an impromptu design duplication in which the drawing is done only in the participant’s mind!

Hard Seven – a modern day classic plot. A card a placed on the table face down. The spectator names a card. They match!

The White Dot Lessona lesson is taught to your spectator on how to read minds…with instant results!

Duplication – an impromptu design duplication.


SerendipityA tarot card effect incorporating a prediction and an amazing twist of fate!


The Covert – Overt Wallet Peek – A great wallet peek done in full view!

Telepathic Psychometry – an incredible exercise in telepathy and psychometry.

Dementia – two spectators are shown a business card with a single word on it (they can sign the card if you’d like). The performer explains how he used suggestion to get them to see words that aren’t actually on the card…and proves it!

Note that 3 of the effects described rely on the English language, but it may be possible to adapt these effects to other languages. Also note that 2 of the effects described are psychological in nature and the outcome may not be as described 100% of the time.

CARNAGE is excellent.

                     Bob Cassidy

A GREAT book. Especially loved "Dementia" but Paul KNEW I would!

                     Ben Harris

Paul just keeps coming out with amazingly good stuff, and this book is no exception.

                      Joshua Quinn

Carnage is just a superb collection of workable effects that reflect his wonderfully creative thinking.

              Gerry Hennessey

It's a solid collection of ten
routines and ideas.


An incredible offering.

                      Pablo Amira

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