Being able to tap into one of the most personal parts of your participant’s mind… their dreams!


With the Dreamweaver card, you can do just that!


The Dreamweaver lists sixteen common dream symbols, and looks like something you may have picked up at a “New Age” bookstore. Your participant is instructed to focus on a particular dream symbol that they can relate to, and to imagine that they are actually dreaming about that symbol. With no questions asked and with no fishing, you begin to describe details of their dream. You can then give them a reading based on their dream, and reveal the exact dream symbol they were merely thinking of!


The card can be presented in a variety of ways, such as a tool used to help the participant direct their dreams to pleasant topic, or to avoid negative dreams they may be having, or as an exercise in “dream walking”.


You’ll receive a 100% plastic, full color, credit card sized card and PDF instruction manual.

(you will receive a download link for the PDF after checkout)


The following is true about Dreamweaver:


· No Force

· Different dream symbol every time

· Nothing is written down

· No questions are asked

· No progressive anagrams

· No fishing

· No “instant stooges” or “dual reality”

· Compact! The card fits neatly in your wallet!

· The card is un-gimmicked and is handled by the spectator freely

· Card is durable and will last a long time!


“The wallet cards are excellent and I highly recommend them” — Bob Cassidy

“I like these cards in my wallet!” —  Andrew Gerard

“It’s my favorite “Carnazzo” wallet card.” — Ran Pink

“This will bring a smile to your face as soon as you look at the card.” — Joshua Quinn

“Everything Paul puts out is gold”. — Gerry Hennesey

“...very nice concept. “

— Banachek

“WOW! So many great ideas you have Paul. I carry your mental magic with me every shelf stuff it is.”

— Jeff McBride

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