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Mental Voyage


Until now PaC Stack has only been available as a Do It Yourself arts and crafts project.

Now you can get the PaC Stack Device fully constructed and ready to go!

PaC Stack is an innocent looking gimmicked stack of blank business cards.

PaC Stack can be used to peek words or images in a very deceptive fashion. It can also be used as an Out To Lunch pack and for secret writing.

What you get:.

· A fully constructed PaC Stack Device

· 15 blank cards

· Approx. 25 minutes of video instruction detailing the construction and use of PaC Stack (delivered as an instant download after purchase)

· Instructions on how to make your own customized device.

· Handling tips

· Details on how to use the PaC Stack for peeking, Out to Lunch and secret writing


Pac Stack: Fully Constructed measures approx. 3 1/2 inches long  X 2 1/4 inches wide.


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