Travel ESP Cards


Zener cards, also known as E.S.P. Cards are a great tool for Mentalists and Magicians.

Travel ESP Cards are the most portable Zener cards ever made! They are 100% plastic, they are the same dimensions as a credit card but they SUPER thin.


These cards appear to be from the same Institute of Parapsychology as some of the other Mental Voyage Testing Cards.


The set includes ten cards, the normal for the standard “Zener Test”, and takes up less space than 3 credit cards. Since they are 100% plastic, they are EXTREMELY durable. The cards are also secretly marked


You’ll keep these cards in your wallet and be ready for a Zener test everywhere you go!

Included with the cards are routines by Paul Carnazzo, Ran Pink and Pablo Amira.

The standard Travel ESP set comes with two sets of five of the standard E.S.P. symbols and PDF instruction manual. (You’ll receive a download link for the instructions after checkout.)


Includes Worldwide




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